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The AVG Message On Hold system utilizes a compact disc recorded with your message and appropriate background music.  The system is simple, easy to use and provides a continuous soundtrack when your customers are on hold. It is a great way to inform people of your products, services and other special promotions your company offers. Most importantly, it reassures your customer that they have not been disconnected from the phone system.

Each system includes:

  • A compact disc player to connect to your
    phone system.
  • Your choice of music genre
  • Professional voice talent
  • Scripting of the message from your outline
  • One compact disc recorded with the program
    up to 12 times for continuous play

The system price is $695.00. Additional discs are also available if you have multiple locations.

Updates are $300.00 each. Please give us a call at 800-322-2832  or use our quote form for additional information on the AVG Message on Hold system.


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